The term “microneedling” refers to punctures made briefly in the skin with tiny microneedles.
The micropores that are formed in this process close back up within a few minutes.
The clinical procedure of microneedling is called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

Which skin problems can the Dermaroller help?

The medical Dermaroller MC shows good success in the treatment of scars of all kinds, especially acne scars, but also injury scars, burn scars and stretch marks. It works primarily by stimulating the body's own production of collagen and elastin, but also causes an improvement in the capillary blood supply in the skin. Scars are thereby reduced in depth (hypotrophic scars) or smoothed (hypertrophic scars) and adapt in color to the surrounding skin. The application also helps with age-related skin changes such as wrinkles. The skin tightens and smoothens visibly. 

The Home Care Dermaroller (HC) has shorter microneedles and is used for skin care on healthy skin. It removes loose skin cells and deposits from the skin surface and removes small obstructions from skin pores, clearing the skin and making it look fresher. The stimulating effect on cell division of the epidermis is weaker than with the longer needle MC models. The Dermaroller HC Beauty Mouse is used for the care of larger skin areas and treatment of cellulite on the body.

How does treatment with the Dermaroller work?

Medical Dermarollers with longer needles are not suitable for home use – the treatment may only be performed by professional users, from 1.5 mm needle length only by qualified personnel with medical expertise. A mild, local anaesthetic (i.e. a cream) is applied to the skin areas before treatment. The Dermaroller is rolled several times lengthwise, crosswise, and diagonally over the skin with little pressure. With this method, the skin receives about 250 micro-punctures per square centimetre. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. The skin will often become reddened afterwards . The reddening will be completely gone by the next day. Thus there is virtually no downtime. 

When using the Home Care Dermaroller HC and Beauty Mouse, the topmost layer of skin will be perforated almost imperceptibly with short microneedles. Use of Home Care Dermarollers is thus virtually pain-free and can also be carried out by lay persons. Just like with the medical Dermaroller, the user rolls the device several times lengthwise, crosswise, and diagonally over the skin, applying only light pressure.

What is the Dermaroller
causing under the skin?

The medical Dermaroller’s sharp microneedles create tiny lesions in the skin. These micropunctures trigger the skin’s repair function, even though the punctures made by the Dermaroller are more like a skin irritation than a true injury. The skin doesn’t react by forming scar tissue, as would be the case with an injection needle, but instead produces growth factors to build up new skin structures. After treatment with the medical Dermaroller the skin forms type III collagen fibres (which have a firming effect) as well as elastin fibres (which give the skin elasticity) and new capillaries which promote circulation, especially in old scar tissue. Scars and wrinkles are filled and smoothed from below. The advantages in comparison to “ablative” treatment methods are obvious: Unlike lasers, dermabrasion, or skin peels, which make the skin thinner and thus weaken its protective function, Dermaroller treatment stimulates the formation of skin structures and strengenths the skin. Except for a temporary skin reddening and swelling, there are no known side effects and the treatment can be repeated indefinitely. 

The tiny microneedles of the Dermaroller HC loosen old skin cells, deposits and blockages of the uppermost skin layer of the epidermis. The complexion refines and becomes more transparent and fresher, blemishes and large pores are visibly reduced. When treating with the short microneedles of the Home Care Dermaroller and the Beauty Mouse, the collagen regeneration is not stimulated as much as is the case with the medical Dermaroller. Nevertheless, some stimulation of skin renewal is to be expected, as well as an improvement of superficial skin perfusion (microcirculation). The home application also ideally supports a professional medical microneedling therapy.

How quickly will the first results
from treatmant be visible?

An improvement in complexion can be seen after just one treatment with the medical Dermaroller – wrinkles and scars appear much less distinct. After two to four treatments, which should ideally be performed at intervals of six to eight weeks, acne scars, for instance, improve by up to 70%. To this day, medical practitioners have used the Dermaroller® on more than 250,000 patients worldwide, and successfully treated acne scars, pigment disorders, burn scars, wrinkles, and skin aged by the sun. 

For regular use of the Home Care Dermaroller or Beauty Mouse developed for at-home treatment – the manufacturer recommends two to three treatments per week – it can bring about significant improvement in the complexion.