Why you should choose the original dermaroller.

162 Precisely arranged needles

The 162 needles in nine rows are precisely arranged on the head of the Original Home Care Dermaroller HC902 in order to obtain a particularly even result. Due to their small quantity in comparison to many competitive products, there is no significant resistance: The microneedles puncture the uppermost skin layer (epidermis) already when applying only light pressure.

Finest stainless steel

As a specialist for microneedles, we only use high quality stainless steel for our Dermaroller. This is especially hygienic and minimizes the chances of bacterial infections. Furthermore, it allows us to produce particularly fine and sharp needles that penetrate the uppermost skin layer free of pain and without hurting it.

Gentle puncturing

As opposed to products from the Far East, the Original Dermaroller HC902 only contains finest microneedles that are manufactured in Germany under strict quality control. They puncture the uppermost skin layer very effectively without causing unnecessary skin irritations. Old skin scales are removed and the complexion regains transparency and glow.

Light pressure is enough

Given their high quality and small amount, the fine, sharp microneedles penetrate the uppermost skin layer with gentle pressure already. This light puncturing stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and removes old skin scales. At the same time, less pressure means less stress for the skin.

Easy to handle

The Original Dermaroller HC902 is light and has an ergonomically formed handle which rests comfortably in the hand. With its little weight, it only presses very gently onto the skin. At the same time, you can precisely control the treatment. For an even result and a radiantly beautiful complexion.