Dermaroller MC1825

Bullet points:

  • The original Dermaroller® device – Made in Germany
  • Best needle quality made from stainless steel
  • Different needle lengths for best possible results
  • Individually sterile packed (gamma ray sterilisation)
  • Class IIa medical device (93/42/EEC)

We recommend 3-5 times Dermaroller MC applications at intervals of 4-6 weeks - depending on the indication - so that the newly formed collagen can mature.

Scars, Stretch marks

Wrinkles, Signs of skin aging

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Product number: 63656786
Our Dermaroller MC excel by their superior needle quality. This keeps any trauma caused by the needle penetration to an absolute minimum. Original Dermaroller MC are manufactured and controlled under strict criteria in Germany. As class IIa medical devices acc. to European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, their conformity with the strict specifications for medical devices has been declared. Competitive productst do not achieve the same precision and quality and are therefore not comparable.  

All Dermaroller MC are sterile, individually packed medical devices.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment to improve skin structure. Scars of all kinds (acne scars, injury scars, burn scars) and stretch marks as well as sagging / sundamaged skin and wrinkles respond well to the treatment. Depending on the indication, Dermarollers with different needle lengths of 0.5 to 2.5 mm and different alignments of needles (4 or 9 rows) are used.

The body’s own regeneration processes are stimulated through treatment with the medical Dermarollers. The processes lead to new collagen formation and the strength and structure of the epidermis and dermis improves significantly. Studies have shown a significant improvement in scar tissue after repeated treatments with medical Dermaroller. Hypo and hyperpigmentation are less often observed compared to other scar treatment methods like with laser light.   

Dermaroller MC are sterile SINGLE USE INSTRUMENTS and must be properly disposed of after use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Medical needling, medical microneedling
Packaging Unit
1 Dermaroller, sterile
Needle Length: MC925
Product Series: Dermaroller
The Dermaroller MC are sterile devices for single use.

The application within the scope of a medical indication, i.e. the treatment of scars of all kinds as well as striae distensae, is reserved for qualified medical personnel. Depending on the type and severity of the scar and the area of skin to be treated, the user selects the perfect needle length. In order to minimize side effects, we recommend selecting the shortest possible needle length at which an even redness is achieved or superficial spot bleeding ("blood dew") occurs. A stronger bleeding is not necessary!

In the context of a non-medical indication, i.e. the treatment of wrinkles or sagging skin, non-medical professional users such as trained cosmeticians may also use the medical device. For this group of users we recommend to stay below the maximum needle length of 1.5 mm. The treated skin area is normally uniformly slightly reddened, but bleeding should not occur.
1. Before using the MC Dermaroller, thorough cleaning of the skin to be treated is mandatory to prevent penetration of bacteria into the skin.
2. Depending on the chosen needle length, a topical anesthetic cream can be used - up to 0.5 mm needle length the treatment is usually painless. Then disinfect the skin.
3. Roll the Dermaroller with light pressure in a star shape over the skin area to be treated - larger areas should be divided into smaller areas. Roll it about four times vertically, horizontally and diagonally across the skin. To change direction, lift the device slightly.
4. After treatment, the skin should recover for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then cleanse the skin area with sterile swabs and the sterile saline solution.
5. Afterwards you can apply a suitable skin care product, e.g. a product from the especially suitable Dermaroller Hyaluron series. They supply the skin with concentrated hyaluron and increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Medical practitioner’s comment on Dermaroller®: Good record of success in the treatment of acne scars

In the past four years I have conducted approximately 150 of the altogether half hour treatments and applied the Dermaroller® in the treatment of about 40 patients

Dermaroller®: Small device with great effect

With the development of the Dermaroller® its inventor Horst Liebl