Dermaroller Roller Cleaner

Your benefits:

  • keeps the roller heads of the Beauty Mouse and Dermaroller HC902
  • quick and easy to use
  • inhibits development of micro-organisms
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Product number: RollerCleaner

Dermaroller HC902 and Beauty Mouse are reusable devices. For a safe reuse the roller heads must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Otherwise, a hygienic application can not be assured and this could lead to skin irritations or inflammation. For cleaning Dermaroller HC902 and Beauty Mouse devices, Dermaroller has especially developed the Roller Cleaner. This alcoholfree cleaner should be sprayed onto the roller head from various different angles to help remove any skin scales or germs.    

All microneedling devices must only be used by a single person and must not be passed on to anybody else.

Vegan, alcohol-free
Packaging Unit
30 ml spray bottle
Shelf Life
6 months after the packaging has been opened
Needle Length: HC902
Product Series: Dermaroller
Subject: Cleansing

The New Natural Line Roller Cleaner is not suitable for skin prone to neurodermatitis.

Note: Not suitable for use on the skin.

1. Rinse the roller head after application using warm, running water.

2. Shake the Dermaroller HC902 or the Beauty Mouse dry.

3. Spray four times at each angle onto the roller head.

4. Shake dry again afterwards.


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